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The universe thinks
; therefore, we are and I am. But, what is the universe thinking and doing and how can we relate to the magnificence, the emptiness, the hidden mysteries? These are the central questions I ponder with these celestial images.

In Universal Gift, the human figure represents the human/divine will to create new meanings and a new future from the shards of a fractured and outmoded past. The fish represent the gift of the common, yet elegant, the fighting spirit, the wild and free in all of us that drives us on like spawning salmon to find our source—the mother waters of creation that embrace our destiny.

The celestial backgrounds I paint are metaphors for the chaotic, foaming, creative energies and particles that intertwine and define our understanding of a newly revealed universal extremes now explained by theories of Relativity and Quantum Mechanics.

My figures are tranquil—contemplating, puzzling and even accepting of the unexplainable mystery of human beauty and fragility in contrast to the awesome power found at every galactic center.

In creating the painting, Embrace, for, "Connecting Heaven to Earth," I envisioned the pureness of our connections, right here, right now. All veils of meaningless busyness become suddenly penetrable. What is left is the restful, reassuring experience of Mother Earth's Embrace. She sustains our existence, pure and simple.

I portray the greens of forest, ferns, moss, and ocean kelp flanked by the golden shorelines of this nursery of humankind. Each of us without regard to status, gender or color is cradled, energized, and nurtured.

When we are conscious of the grace-filled Embrace, we can, in rhythm, harmonize through the ultimate connection to the Universe, the natural state of all existence, a complete circle. When we are one with the Universe, the connection between Heaven and Earth is authentic and sustained.

I believe the latter and suggest there is a “Universal Gift” available to each of us if we but choose to see, feel and even touch the realities in the galactic center of our being.

    Penny Shrawder • 530-307-2797 •