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30" x 38" Watercolor
original sold • giclees available

I once went to a chiropractor who had tacked onto the wall of his treatment room an unassuming, small piece of white paper. It simply read, "PTC."

On each visit, I would ponder those three initials. Was it an invitation for conversation, or to see how many patients noticed, or maybe to hear what people guessed it meant?

When I could no longer hold back my curiosity, I finally asked my chiropractor the meaning of those three letters that commanded my attention each visit and between visits. Without a lot of fuss, he said, "Present Time Consciousness." PTC allows us to connect to our core and experience the peace of mind that a more connected living provides.

When we are so focused on the past or the future, we live on a superficial level disconnected from our Ground of Our Being, from What Really Is. Disconnection is the source of hurt of the planet, it sets culture against culture and hurts at a primal level.

In creating this piece, I envisioned the pureness of our connections, right here, right now. All veils of meaningless busyness become suddenly penetrable. What is left is the restful, reassuring experience of Mother Earth's Embrace. She sustains our existence, pure and simple.

I portray the greens of forest, ferns, moss, and ocean kelp flanked by the golden shorelines of this nursery of humankind. Each of us without regard to status, gender or color is cradled, energized, and nurtured.

When we are conscious of the grace-filled Embrace, we can, in rhythm, harmonize through the ultimate connection to the Universe, the natural state of all existence, a complete circle. When we are one with the Universe, the connection between Heaven and Earth is authentic and sustained.

If I'm successful with this painting, it will remind you daily of the value of PTC and the vital connections that emanate from the celestial meridian of our souls.

PS: One patient thought "PTC" meant "Pay The Chiropractor."

Penny Shrawder • 530-307-2797 •